Counselling/ Psychotherapy

Ania Romaniuk-Wiacek
Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling/ Psychotherapy
10th August 2022 
Counselling/ Psychotherapy
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Richmond Upon Thames
South West London

Tel: 07958 775306
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Why see counsellor/ psychotherapist?

People often feel that they need to deal with difficult life experiences themselves, or find that talking to their friends and family is not enough. Sometimes it works, but generally it is not that easy, as those closest to us are not able to help or understand what we are going through.
Counselling and psychotherapy can help bring many changes in person's life. It all depends on the nature of the problem, personal life circumstances and commitment to change.

There could be various reasons behind considering counselling.
You may be concerned about future decision making, having relationships difficulties in or perhaps going through crises in your personal or working life. You may be experiencing overwhelming feelings of sadness, isolation, anger, anxiety or shame.

Psychotherapy offers a space where you can explore these issues and find an easier way to live.
Working therapeuticly through a relationship that is based on trust and respect, my aim is to understand what it is like for you in your circumstances and help you to discover the best ways you can overcome your barriers.
Psychotherapy offers you an opportunity to explore feelings in a safe and caring environment.
I work with issues like:

( experiencing difficulty in forming or sustaining satisfying relationships, problems with personal or work relationships, difficulties with intimacy)
Family problems
(exploring difficult/complex family relationships, working to improve relationships with parents, children, siblings)
( feeling low, ongoing loneliness, sense of futility, mood swings, confusion, trouble sleeping)
(post/pri natal depression, difficulty in getting back to work)
Anger management
(impulsive behaviours, frustration, learning to assert yourself and work with your anger effectively)
Bereavement and loss
(change, trauma, relationship break-ups, divorce, death and dying)
Stress and coping with changes
(career, life issues and choices, specific crisis, coming to terms with illness, problems at work, bullying)
Suffering health problems
( disability, change of lifestyle, living in pain, pri/post surgical illness or depression, healthy aging)
Low self-esteem and lack of confidence
( social phobia, shame, being over self critical, self-harm)
Overcoming blocks to achieving full potential
(learning about unhealthy patterns and how to avoid repetition)
Loss of hope
( feelings that life’s not worth living, lack of direction or purpose)
Childhood trauma
(physical, sexual, emotional abuse, neglect, loss, adoption)
(eating disorders, drinking, work, sex, internet, porn, gambling)
Issues around pregnancy
( infertility, abortion, stillbirth, parenting)
Existential matters

I can assist you by offering understanding and support in non judgmental environment and constructively challenging your views and unhelpful patterns of behaviour.

I believe that counselling can be a way of reducing confusion and helping you to discover your inner strength and confidence. It can also offer you an opportunity to gain deeper self-awareness and acceptance of yourself and others, leading more to fulfilling life.